Whether you feel like staying inside or exploring outdoors, here are a few alternative ways to spend the day after Thanksgiving. 

Help Bonadelle Neighborhoods Brighten the Holidays for Our Active Military Heroes!   

Take your family out for some fun this October! There’s something exciting to do every weekend, and plenty of pumpkins for picking at the various pumpkin patches in the Central Valley.

Happy Fall y’all! It may still be warm, but September 22 is the First Day of Fall. And with a new season comes a new list of duties to take care of around the house. 

Back to school is an exciting time! Have some fun shopping with your little ones and preparing for their first day back to school. 

Sometimes it’s too hot to spend the day outside! Instead, make it a fun and productive day inside with summer DIY projects.

Are your kiddos on summer break? We have an assortment of fun and exciting ways to spend their vacation, right here in the Central Valley.

Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day? Before the firework-filled holiday, make sure you read up on the following safety tips recommended by the National Council on Firework Safety.

Don't know what to get for dad? Take a breath and read along for a full Father's Day gift list. 

There are lots of fun and adventurous ways to kick off the summer season in the Valley – take a look below to see what you can do this Memorial Day Weekend!

Celebrate your mom this weekend by getting her a nice gift! Read along for easy ideas on what to buy, then top it off with a hand-written card. We know she'll love it!

Get your home in tip-top shape this Spring! Follow along to get your home ready for all that spring and summer have to offer.   

Take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy exciting local events happening around you. Find something to do every weekend this Spring! 

Energy-saving lights are a must-have feature, that's why they come custom in every Bonadelle Neighborhoods home. 

Bonadelle Neighborhoods offers eco-logical features to home buyers, allowing them to enjoy lower energy bills while also creating less of an environmental impact. 

Here's why a tankless water heater is a great standard addition in each Bonadelle Neighborhoods home.

Bonadelle Neighborhoods offers a wide array of eco-loical features for their communities. Read along to learn about the variety of benefits that come with these features.

Presidents’ Day is a National holiday, which means you have an extra day to spend with your friends and family. We’ve gathered a list full of fun ideas so you’re destined to spend it wisely. 

Show your sweetheart how much you love them by creating your own Valentine’s Day gifts this year. 

Did you splurge and spend a little too much during the holidays? These 5 steps can help you recover and better budget your finances.

After sifting through all the hottest interior design mags and online reviews, take a look at a few popular trends we found!

Home buying isn’t something people do on a whim. You don’t just look at houses one day and buy the next – there are a lot of logistics and things to consider while buying a home.    

Bonadelle Neighborhoods is teaming up with Valley Children’s Hospital to collect gifts for the family members of patients. 

With a wide variety of attractions, the Central Valley is a great place to celebrate Christmas. Whatever you decide, you’re in for a great time. Happy holidays!

Although Black Friday is a popular event for the enthusiastic shopper, it doesn’t have to be all about shopping. Instead, it can be a day to spend quality time with your family. 

As a premier local homebuilder, Bonadelle Neighborhoods has not only been building, but also gifting for generations! 

Read along for a few tips on how to repurpose your Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving!

Trick or treating is perhaps the best part of Halloween, and especially exciting for children. To ensure your little ones have the perfect Halloween, let’s all make sure to follow our recommended safety tips!

Since our Central Valley nights are beginning to drop down to 50-40 degrees, let us remind you how cozy your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home can be. Are you ready to stay in and drink hot coco? Because we are!

There are so many fun things happening in the greater Fresno area! If trick-or-treating isn’t for you, there are a ton of alternatives to celebrate the fall season. 

There are a lot of different choices to make while buying a home, but choosing eco-logical lighting is not a difficult one.

There are so many different Garden-Fresh recipes out there, it was hard to choose favorites. These delicious creations will be easy-to-make, healthy and enjoyable meals for everyone in your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home. 

Fresno’s September may still feel like summer, but it is indeed fall --  and with a new season comes a new list of maintenance around the house. 

Designing your new home is one of the most exciting parts of the homeowner journey. At Bonadelle Neighborhoods, the sales counselors and other employees work vigorously to make your dream home a reality.

At Bonadelle Neighborhoods we want to help make your home loan process smooth and stress free.

Read along for a list of 10 ways to have a low-key Labor Day with your family and/or friends! 

While Bay Area residents have a lot of pride in their home, some factors about moving to the Central Valley might sound pretty appealing to them: back yards, less traffic and easy parking are just scratching the surface.

With premier locations in the Central Valley, you can find your move-in ready dream home in the Clovis, Fresno or Visalia areas.

We know the end of summer vacation can be a challenge; so we’ve come up with fun suggestions to show your kiddos that back-to-school is an exciting time! To start, we’ve come up with an interactive giveaway to get them motivated, and e

Home values in Fresno, Visalia and Clovis are on the rise, instilling confidence in home buyers and local homebuilders like Bonadelle Neighborhoods. 

Clovis, CA was named the Best City for Young Families in California by NerdWallet in 2014, earning its number #1 spot on the list thanks to three categories that matter most to families: public school excellence, home affordability and growth and

Show us your homeowner journey and all of the memories that come with it by using #HomeSweetHomeowner on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 

America’s famous holiday is almost here! No plans yet? -- Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas that might “spark” your interest! 

There are so many fun things to do in the summer in Fresno, Clovis and Visalia. This summer, explore all of the different adventure parks, attend exciting sporting events and spend time with your family on trips to the lake or national parks.

The Clovis Farmers Market is located in Old Town Clovis. It opens Friday nights during May and goes all the way through September. 

Getting a home loan in Fresno, Clovis, or Visalia California does not need to be hard. Bonadelle Neighborhoods makes the process easy and stress free. Buying a new home has never been easier!

For those of you staying local this Memorial Day weekend, take a look at the different options to celebrate the patriotic holiday with your loved ones in the Central Valley. 

Need a project to keep you busy this summer? Take it outside with these three DIY yard and garden projects. 

With communities in Fresno, Clovis and Visalia, Bonadelle Neighborhoods is the place you should be looking into for your next - or even first! - home.

Sometimes, last-minute gifts are the best finds! So what’s the best gift for mom this year? Even if you’re pressed on time,  we're here to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Love all the pomp and faire of the Kentucky Derby but can’t make it out to Louisville, Kentucky this year?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go too far from your Bonadelle Neighborhood home to enjoy this event.  On May 7t

Bonadelle Neighborhoods is a Fresno home builder who's homes are quickly selling. It's not a suprise whne you see a U-haul truck in driveways. Instead of wondering who your neighbors are, here are 8 ways to welcome your new neighbor. 

Clovis was recently voted the best city in California to raise a family.  This fun, family-friendly town has some great activities that both kids and adults will enjoy.  Here are our favorite places to take your family.  

There are so many reasons to live in Clovis California but probably the best part about living in the Central Valley, is having easy access to all the beautiful Northern California vineyards.

It’s that time of year again.  After spending all winter indoors, your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home might need a good sprucing up.  Though Spring cleaning can be a big task, here are a few tips to get you started!  

Happy Earth Day! It’s time to boost your eco and go green! In your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home, you can celebrate Earth Day all-year long with our environmentally conscious and eco-friendly features.

Looking for something free and fun to do with the kids near the Grove?  Come out to the Clovis Rodeo Parade!  The parade is on April 23rd starting at 9:30 in Old Town.  The parade route is on Pollasky and Clovis Avenues between Bars

One of the best things about living at the Grove in Clovis CA is being close to all the fun, family-friendly events in Old Town Clovis.  One of the more popular events is the upcoming Black Pot Cook-Off and Cowboy Poetry Sunday, April 17th fr

If you’re looking to raise your family in a cheerful and pleasant community, look no further than Clovis. In a ranking that evaluated California cities based on school ratings, home values, home ownership costs household income and income gr

Once you’ve settled into your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home, you might want to start exploring the great city of Fresno.  Fresno has a lot of fun activities for any interest.  Here is a list of our five favorite things to check out!

Spring is the most important time of year to prepare your garden.   With a little planning and effort, you can make sure you have a beautiful garden to enjoy all summer.  

  Revisit the Magical Kingdom Under the Sea, Good Company Players’ present Disney’s the Little Mermaid. Experience the charm and delight at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater.

When most people start shopping for homes for sale in Fresno, Clovis, or the surrounding areas, they’ll begin by looking at things like home location, price, amenities, and so on. But there’s more to the process than that, and when you

The time has come to reach for your biggest hats and your favorite spring outfit for the annual Big Hat Days in Old Town Clovis! The two-day event is expected to be even BIGGER this year.

There are plenty of reasons to buy a home in Fresno, Clovis, and the surrounding areas. And Bonadelle Neighborhoods residents have even more reasons to enjoy life here thanks to the fact that they’ll be moving to an amazing home in communiti

One of the best things about buying Clovis real estate is that you become part of a community that has a strong focus on giving residents plenty of experiences and opportunities. While living in a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home will place you in the

There’s no question that California living is something that’s hard not to enjoy. When you combine things like the weather, the beauty, and the shopping, it’s easy to see why we love living here. But for those who want even more

There are plenty of reasons to decide to call Clovis home, and when you move into a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home you’ll be moving to a community-oriented location that provides a great home and plenty of great neighbors.   

Clovis and the surrounding areas are known for lots of California hallmarks – great scenery, wonderful weather, and excellent dining, for example. But it’s also well-known that when you buy homes for sale in Clovis, especially in Old T

Do you have any traditions for St. Patrick's Day? This year, the Irish Holiday lands on a Thursday and we encourage you to celebrate it with a mixture of green foods and drinks.

California is a big state, with plenty of opportunities. Choosing the right location to call home is a decision you need to take seriously, and for many there’s no denying the appeal that Clovis has.   

When you start shopping for Visalia homes for sale or properties in the surrounding areas, it quickly becomes clear that you are planning a move to one of the best places in the area to live. With plenty of wonderful dining opportunities as well a

Hate it or love it, Daylight Savings is near! On Sunday, March 13 we will spring an hour forward which means you will need to make some small changes as a part of your Sunday routine. 

Buying a new home is an exciting step in your life and while being able to say that you own a home is impressive enough, it is also important that you take the time to choose a home with the right features to make your new home all your own. 

California has always been one of the states that leads the nation in terms of embracing new technologies. That applies to virtually everything – including the way that homes are designed and built. Bonadelle Neighborhoods homes are designed

Once you buy a new home in Clovis CA and settle into it, it’s not hard to see why so many others have decided to call the area home. And when you buy a home in a Bonadelle Neighborhoods community, you’ll enjoy even more of the small to

Every year, Fresno County blooms with a blossom-filled scenery just before the almonds, peaches, citrus and other fruit ripen. The spring blossoms are a beautiful sight and are quite a treat for our eyes, as they later become a healthy snack.

Moving to Clovis and the surrounding region in California is something that makes a lot of sense – especially when you want to find a home for our family that is well located and features everything that California living should. Bonadelle N

There is a lot to love about the Clovis and Visalia areas of California – from the location to the weather to the countless things in the region that you can see or experience. However, it’s also important that you take the time to car

Moving to California is something that many people dream of doing, and for many different reasons. After all, few states can provide the same combination of weather, scenic beauty, and great experiences. There’s always something going on thr

We're excited to start this program which recognizes local educators for their passion in helping shape the future of our local community through the next generation.

It’s no secret that California is going through one of the most severe water shortages in history. The entire region is in a state of emergency, and there are restrictions on water usage practically everywhere within its borders. As a result

Clovis, Fresno, and the surrounding areas are famous for stunning beauty, great weather, and a strong sense of community that is found wherever you go. However, like most areas in California the region has been hit hard by water shortages, and alt

Valentine’s Day in Fresno California is the perfect day to show your friends, family or significant others just how much you love them. Although a romantic gesture is frequently expected, it’s not for everyone.

Owning a home is something that is an experience unlike any other. After all, it’s a place of your own, and one of the most major investments you'll make in your life. Choosing the right home is important, but once you have it there’s

Buying a new home can seem like a challenging, difficult process and in some cases it can be. But it’s also exciting, and at the end of the journey you’ll be living in a home that you can proudly call your own. There are lots of differ

Living in a Bonadelle Neighborhoods community is something that makes a lot of sense when you’re trying to move to the Clovis area. After all, these communities offer great locations, affordable homes, and a wide range of customizable featur

When you start the process of shopping for a home, you’re usually looking at basic things like location, pricing, size, and basic amenities. But once you find the home that fits best into those things, and once you’re moved in, you don

Our Bonadelle Book Club picks up again in the summer! Here's a shout-out to the local kids that got excited about reading with us. 

Learn more about the Ecological Features we offer in our homes, like the Hydro-zoning plant system.

Many people live a fairly private life – they go to work, then come home and spend time with their families and perhaps go out with friends on occasion. But sometimes, you can elevate the enjoyment of your home even further when you step out

There are a lot of logistics to consider when buying a home. Not to mention all of the steps you should take before you start looking at homes or properties. Take a look at these key tips to help you get ready to buy your first home.

Clovis and Fresno are among the most popular places to call home in California for numerous reasons – their proximity to major urban areas, the beautiful weather and landscape, and the abundance of great homes are just a few examples. 

Shopping for your dream home isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are a lot of different variables that you need to consider ranging from location to neighborhood to amenities within the house itself. One thing that is worth paying

California may be known for sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but there’s more here than most people think. Buying a home in the Fresno or Clovis area puts you in a perfect location to enjoy wintertime fun. Those who settle into a Bonadel

A little rain never hurt anyone. It especially shouldn’t put a damper in your day! Wet days call for at least one cup of hot coco and the rest is up in the air. Whether you want to stay dry inside or embrace the rain outside, you can still h

Happy 2016! As we jump into the New Year we’ve come up with some helpful tips towards living and eating healthier.

We hope you have a fantastic start to the New Year! Here are some ideas for setting goals in the Central Valley.

I believe that each of us is called to contribute to our communities through volunteerism, said Lisa Bonadelle. It is when we reach out to lift up others, that we are truly satisfied and happy.

This year, Bonadelle Neighborhoods has shown their support for local veterans on their journey to Washington D.C. to visit their World War ll Memorial. Overall, Bonadelle Neighborhoods donated $10,000 to Central Valley Honor Flight.

With a wide variety of attractions, the Central Valley is a great place to celebrate Christmas. Here are some of the fun things we like to do around town!

Start your year off with a fresh start in a new home! Hurry into a Bonadelle Neighborhoods Welcome Center to lock in a low rate on your brand new, dream home.

Make your last minute Christmas shopping easier with our tips and tricks this holiday season.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, especially with the kick off of the Bonadelle Neighborhoods Caring Tree. Now, for the second year, Bonadelle Neighborhoods is teaming up with Valley Children’s Hospital to collect gifts for

Although Black Friday in Fresno California is a popular event for the enthusiastic shopper, it doesn’t have to be about shopping. Instead, it can be a day to spend quality time with your family. Try something new this Black Friday and plan y

For homeowners, it's important to choose a home that not only feels like it's really yours, but also one that works well for you and simplifies your life, letting you get more from every day. Bonadelle Neighborhoods' communities include homes that

When you start shopping for homes for sale in Fresno CA, Clovis CA, or the surrounding area, there are plenty of different things to consider – from location to home size to architecture to budget. Another thing that's worth thinking of is t

When it comes to buying a home, the holidays aren't always the first thing someone may think of. But the reality is that as the holidays roll around, you'll likely end up loving your home more if it's properly equipped for them.

If this year is your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with plenty of tips, tricks and creative ideas on how to host a stress free and enjoyable Thanksgiving event. 

Although many people have good intentions when it comes to recycling, sometimes the confusion of what can and cannot be recycled can get in the way. We’re here to help you discover the correct way to recycle with a list of recycling guidelin

Clovis residents have always been able to enjoy a wide range of various events that take place in the town every year, and the fall is no different. As the season changes, those living in the area have a lot of different events to check out. One t

We have exciting news for all of the parents with kids who love to read: we just launched our very own Bonadelle Book Club! This program will run all year long so kids K-6 can improve their reading and vocabulary skills. But that’s not all&h

Today, there is a huge focus on green living and being more eco-friendly, and with good reason. The ecological features in modern homes can not only save you money, but reduce the impact that you have on the environment in a significant way. Bonad

Here are some reaons why choosing Bonadelle Neigbhorhoods a local home builder in Fresno, Clovis, and Visalia is the smart choice! The features belo come standard in every Bonadelle Neigbhorhood home! That's right every single one. 

Thanksgiving can mean a lot of things to different people, most notably things like getting to spend time with family and loved ones. But while those living in Bonadelle Neighborhoods' communities have plenty to be thankful for, there are a lot ou

There are a lot of different things to love about living in the Clovis area, and it's not hard to see why so many people moving to California end up looking for new homes in Clovis CA. However, as good as life here is it's only made more enjoyable

In honor of Kitchen and Bath month, let’s take a moment to admire the details in your Bonadelle Neighborhoods kitchen and bathrooms. Here are three energy efficient, water saving and cost effective features you will appreciate and love in yo

There are lots of different reasons to consider shopping for homes for sale in Clovis CA and the rest of the region, from the weather to the location and beyond. And when you shop for your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home, you'll be able to secure a p

It’s that time of year again, kicking off the holidays with one of our favorites: Halloween! The neighborhood is alive with animated kids in anticipation of candy, spooky fun, and going door to door in their favorite costumes. Trick or treat

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting event, and for many it's the true American dream. But whether you're buying or building, and whether it's your first home or your fifth, you'll want to pay attention to the specifics of any home. It's important

Bonadelle Neighborhoods Communities are designed to make sure that each resident is able to fully enjoy their life in California. With a strong sense of community, excellent location, and wonderful homes, it's not hard to see why so many others ch

Having trouble finding the right place for you and your family to celebrate Halloween? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of fun, spooky and exciting ways to celebrate Halloween with your family. The choice is yours, w

California is filled with many wonderful places to call home, but it's important that anyone who is looking for houses for sale in Fresno CA, Clovis CA, or the surrounding areas take the time to make sure that they find the absolute best place to

Living in California can be one of the single most enjoyable and rewarding things that you ever do for yourself and your family. However, it can be expensive to live virtually anywhere in the state – or the country for that matter. Saving mo

For all our neighbors who love farm to fork, we have some good news for you! There’s still time to shop at your local farmer’s markets. Plan ahead, as a few of the markets listed below end October 31. However, some of the Fresno locati

There are plenty of different things to love about living in the Clovis area – the great weather, the strong sense of community, and the beautiful homes, just to name a few. These are just a few reasons that Bonadelle Neighborhoods Homes are

There are numerous reasons to move to California, from the weather to the opportunities to the numerous range of activities found here. But a big challenge is finding the right community to call home. There are a lot of different locations here, a

The Big Fresno Fair is back and crowds of people, concert music playing in the distance, the aroma of delicious deep-fried foods, corndogs, smoked turkey legs and of course the classic cinnamon roll fills the air.

It's not hard to enjoy living in California, which probably explains why every year the population continues to grow as more and more move to the region. In particular, those looking for Clovis real estate or Fresno real estate often find that the

The Clovis region is one that offers a lot to residents, but beyond the great homes, wonderful shopping, and excellent location are a number of other things that help explain why so many choose to shop for homes for sale in Clovis CA. 

Being the new kid on the block isn’t always the easiest, so make your new neighbors feel welcome. Here are a few ways to show not only the new neighbor, but everyone in your community how great of a neighbor you really are. It’s time t

Product Spotlight: 5 reasons to appreciate an 8’ fiberglass raised-panel front door 

There's no question that the California landscape has changed over the years. But today it still offers a lot of different things that help it stand out as being a great place to settle down.

Summer is winding down, and while the California weather means that there are still plenty of warm days to enjoy, the change of seasons still means that you'll likely have a shifting outlook on how you spend your time at home. 

When you start looking into the various homes for sale Fresno CA has available on the market – or areas around the city – you'll likely find that a lot of different variables need to be considered. The basics – school system, pro

  If you’re a renter in Visalia, or looking to relocate to the South Valley -- we have good news for you! Now is your chance to turn your rent check into equity. Every month your money goes into someone else’s pocket, but startin

Today there has been a large shift in the focus of American homeowners. While things like comfort, design, and budget are all worth considering, it's also important to think about the impact that we have on the environment.

When you shop for homes for sale in Clovis CA, you'll likely be so focused on finding the right property that other aspects of your purchase aren't noticed. But once you're settled in, it's hard to ignore all the great things that make up the regi

There are a lot of new homes in Fresno CA, and each one has its own unique characteristics that help make it individual. However, while paying attention to things like overall style, location, and price range are important it's also vital that you

Water heaters are arguably one of the most used and important appliances in a home. A tankless water heater is a great standard addition in each Bonadelle Neighborhoods home!  

Labor Day is known as the traditional end of summer holiday, a here’s to you for all you passionate workers out there. Take the weekend as the ideal opportunity to relax and celebrate the hard work you put in throughout the year. You deserve

There are plenty of great reasons to call Clovis home, and each year countless people decide to purchase Clovis real estate due to things like its proximity to larger urban areas while still maintaining a small-town, community vibe. 

California has a lot to offer anyone, but those who have families will often spend much more time looking for the perfect home. The reason is simple – a family requires a number of different elements in order to truly thrive in their locatio

California students' first days back to school have arrived, and whether you already live in the area or are looking into buying Clovis homes for sale, you'll want to make sure that your kids are ready for their first month back. 

Summer isn't over yet, and thanks to the great weather and climate in California, those who move into new homes in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area are able to enjoy warm weather throughout most of the early fall as well.

These days it's hard to ignore the fact that there is a growing focus on being more eco-friendly. In fact, the environmental impact that we have on the world is regularly national news – especially in California. With things like the current

Bonadelle Neighborhoods is known for their well-crafted homes, the strong sense of community, and years of experience in the industry. But there's something else that homeowners are proud of – the features that allow them to not only customi

A huge part of the American dream for many is simply being able to settle down in a location that allows you to spend time with those you love. That's why so many people look at homes for sale in the Central Valley and the surrounding area, not on

Your dream home means a lot to you. It's not only a place of refuge, but it's also somewhere for you and your family to enjoy your lives together. While buying Clovis real estate is a perfect way to take that first step towards a dream home simply

A lot of different things influence your family throughout the years, ranging from your income to your attitudes and beyond. One of the single most important factors in ensuring that your family has everything they need to truly enjoy life is maki

There are plenty of reasons that people look into homes for sale in Fresno CA and the surrounding area. But at the center of most decisions to move here is one thing – the ability to move to an amazing location and to enjoy your life with yo

There's no doubt that when you call the Clovis, Fresno, and Visalia areas home it can be easy to enjoy every day. After all, the area is home to plenty of great activities and the homes here are truly designed to be enjoyed thoroughly, from top to

Clovis and Fresno are filled with plenty to do, and their close proximity to each other means that it's easy to visit one or the other when you live in the area. And while they're great year round, it's the summertime when they really become amazi

Summertime is the perfect time of year to really enjoy your backyard, front porch, and even the inside of your home when it's too hot for anything else. It's true that those who buy a home in Clovis, Visalia, or Fresno will have plenty of activiti

As the summer heats up, plenty of Americans are still looking for their perfect home. There are numerous options throughout California, but finding a home for sale in Clovis is one choice that shouldn't be ignored. The area offers so much to those

While most people think of social media as something used to connect with old friends and look at a few funny memes, there are others who have expanded social media to do more for them. A perfect example of this is Nextdoor, and it's worth a close

Once you own your own home, it's much more likely that you'll want to stay there and enjoy it. Sure, California is filled with plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the summer, but there are times when you just can't beat spending some time wit

California is filled with plenty of activities, but it's increasingly common for many people to decide that the best way to spend their Fourth of July holiday is to hang out at home. Clovis in particular has plenty of reasons to do just that, and

Clovis, Fresno, Visalia and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer those who decide to live here. But when you decide to move, one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is whether to invest in a new home or to try to save by buying a fix

Clovis and the surrounding area are able to provide a lot of comforts to those who call the region home. With more than 102,000 people living within the city and boasting a respected school system, it's a city that is very desirable for families.

California is one of our country's biggest states – in terms of size and population. And when you begin looking for a place to live, it can be tempting to decide that renting is the faster, easier option. But for many, buying makes a lot mor

California has always been the home of some of the most forward thinking people in the country, so it's no surprise that when it comes to building a home, it's often done differently here. One of the biggest differences? A strong focus on going gr

Purchasing your first home is something that can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. It's important to find the perfect home – to take time choosing the right property by considering everything it offers to you and your family as wel

California is filled with homes and homeowners of all types, and throughout the state each community has its own individual identity. For those who are ready to move into a community that offers tranquility, beauty, and a home that is a step above

Homebuyers today have more options than ever before when choosing their home. Not only are there plenty of great locations to move to, but the actual type of home that you purchase could be any number of things. One recent trend has been the shift

California is a big place, and within its borders there are plenty of different communities worth calling home. The areas around Fresno and Clovis are among the best – especially for families. If you're looking for a great place to live that

Deciding that it's time to buy the home of your dreams isn't something that most people struggle with – it's one of those 'you'll know when it's time' situations. But deciding where to buy your home can be a bit more difficult. California is

The purchase of your first home should be an enjoyable, exciting experience.  Unfortunately for some first-time homebuyers, this isn’t the case. The process of buying a new home should never be undertaken without the help of a know

For those of you who are considering relocating to California, the greater Fresno area in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley has much to offer, especially for couples with children.  This once thriving agricultural center is now the economic

Buying your first home can be an exhilarating experience.  However, it can also be extremely challenging and stressful.  There is so much to think about that is very easy to overlook some of the more important aspects of the home buying

There are a number of key features that make new home construction a viable option for a wide range of existing home owners looking to move up or the first-time buyer.  These features include exterior elevations, larger lots for swimming pool

Located in Central California's agriculture-based San Joaquin Valley in between Bakersfield and Fresno is the city of Visalia.  It is a city filled with numerous venues that appeal to locals and visitors alike.  More importantly, it is t

Located in the heart of central California’s San Joaquin Valley is the bustling city of Fresno and its half a million or so residents.  Initially, when you talk to people about the top places they would like to live, most never consider

There is a certain amount of exhilaration that you experience when purchasing your first home.  However, it can also be a scary time as well.  Because of your finances, you may consider purchasing a pre-owned home instead of a new one.&n

The problem with most new home communities in central California today is that builders try to maximize the number of houses they can build on the space that is available.  The result? Houses are crowded so close together that you can almost

California residents have always been well-known for their ability to band together and overcome challenges. And currently, the state is facing a big one – the huge drought that has taken a toll on reservoirs. The reality of the situation is

California is famous for a lot of different things, but one of the biggest is certainly its abundance of activities. And while it's not as large as LA or San Francisco, Fresno County and the surrounding area are certainly no exception to the rule.

Fresno homes are among the most stunning in the nation, and each one hews closely to a certain style and look that helps it to stand out from others. There are plenty of things that will go into making a home truly yours, and plenty of things that

Fresno, Clovis, and the surrounding area are filled with some of the best homes in the country. Houses here offer a good combination of views, natural beauty, convenient location, and excellent style and craftsmanship. Many who are in the market f

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Hurry in, only TWO homes remain in this exclusive new Clovis neighborhood! 

We all know Santa is a pretty busy guy this time of year, but he made a special visit to The Grove last weekend to visit some of our neighbors and friends! Thank you to everyone who came out! We hope you enjoyed yourselves, visit our facebook page

The Caring Tree Toy Drive by Bonadelle Neighborhood benefits the Children's Hospital Central California on December 19th. 

Today’s homebuyers are finding a wide variety of properties on the market in which to choose from. While most buyers have a good idea of what they’re looking for as far as location or square footage, many are undecided...

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The Grove's newest resident is the Brewer Family. The Bonadelle Neighborhood would like to welcome the family with open arms. 

Lookin' good Lebda Family! How cute are these two Bella Vista kiddos walking to the bus stop?

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No matter your stage of life, we've got the PERFECT home for you at Bonadelle... Just ask the growing Ramirez family who can't wait to move into their first new home at Country Club Court! Congratulations Roxy & Alex, we are so excited to be a

Congratulations to the Schroer Family on getting the keys to their brand new Bianca at the Grove! We wish you a very fun and successful weekend moving into your new home!

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